About Us

The world of mobile gaming is developing rapidly and everyday new and interesting games become available. Still, most of the games you’ll love to play are freemium and they ask for your time or your money to enjoy the full experience. Since most of us don’t want to spend real money on online games, we decided to help out.

Our team is specialized in creating and improving games for mobile platforms and our pledge is to allow free access to all the games advertised on Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. To do so, we create specialized tools, look for tips and tricks the can help gamers earn more points in the game, and search for new ways to beat the freemium system.

Our main role is to deliver safe ways that will keep you in the game the longest. So, if you have a game you want to play without having to wait out the time limit or invest your own money, please feel free to let us know. Meanwhile, take a look at our articles and tutorials and enjoy our work!