We received many messages from players asking for our help so, to make things easier, here are the most frequent asked questions:

Is this tool safe?

Yes, we use our own servers and proxy to make everything as safe as possible. The process is clean and easy to use and keeps your device safe since you won’t have to download and install anything. Even more, we run updates every week to make sure everything is 100% secure and ready for you to use.

Is my account going to be banned?

No, our hacks are 100% invisible to the game servers so you won’t be found and punished for using a simple trick to play a free game for longer.

Can I use your generator more than once?

Yes, our hack tool can be used as many times as you need it.

Can I help out a friend?

If you know his/her nickname, the platform used for playing the game, and general geographic region, then yes, you can help out a friend.

Will you charge me?

No! Our tool is and will remain free to use regardless of how many times you want to generate coins and gems.

Will this slow down my device?

No! Our generator is created using clean code and is specially designed to run online. So, once you launch a hack for your account, the entire process will be moved to our servers and your device’s resources won’t be affected in any way.

How can I help?

If you like our generator and our advice, please tell your friends about us. This way you’ll get to introduce your friends to a cool tool and you’ll help us spread the word about our work and service.